April 10th The 2018 World Cup began when the old man was not far. The opening match in mid-June was just over two months. The 2018 FIFA World Cup Belgium team lineup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup Belgium team start-up have not yet been detailed. But there seems to be a spectrum in the hearts of fans.

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A fan of the 2018 World Cup Belgium team 23 big list: Goalkeeper 3: Kurtowa, Minollet, Gillette There is no controversy between Cueva and Minnie. The third goal is Gillette, which I hope is “old soldiers do not die.” Guard 8: Kompany, Vermaelen, Verthorn, Aldverelder, Lombarz, Munier, Engels, Dundonkker I hope to see the veteran + youth storm, so I hope to see the glorious curtain call of Vilmaren, Kompany, Lombarz and other veterans, and Denton Kerr and Engels’ World Cup debut.

Midfielder 7: Carrasco, Nayengolan, Dembele, Chadeli, Fellaini, De Bruyne, Tillermans hope to see the players who pursue dreams selected for the national team, do not want to see a A high-paid star in the slow-paced, low-impact league can still be selected for the national team. Five forwards: Azar, Milaras, Benteke, Lukaku, Mertens They are the strongest attackers in Belgium, 5 people are enough, too many candidates and can not really waste a field. The official list of 23



Courtois, Minollet, Castiglas


Aldwylled, Vermaelen, Compagni, Verthorngen, Murnier, Seaman


Wittessel, De Bruyne, Fellaini, Azar, Torgon-Azar, Dengdon Kerr, Thieleman, Naying Goran, Carrasco, Chadeli


Lukaku, Mertens, Baschuy, Benteke

It seems that both the fans and the officials hope that Konpagni, Vermaelen, and Wiltonheng will be successful. In the preliminaries, Martinez recruited 4 goalkeepers, 8 guards, 7 midfielders and 9 forwards. The goalkeeper’s position is headed by Kurtova. The defenders are in the defenses of Vertungen and Compagny. The midfielders are such great players as De Bruyne, Vitser and Fellerini. The Belgian striker is even more star-studded. ,

Azar, Lukaku and others are top players in the Premier League. Although Hazard has not yet appeared in the Premier League season, he is still on the list. This also shows the 2018 FIFA World Cup Belgium team lineup and the starting of the 2018 World Cup Belgium team.


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