WELLSPORTS News July 16th, the 2018 Russia World Cup has come to an end,

eventually France 4-2 victory over Croatia, France after 20 years, the second time in history to win the World Cup! And Croatia also won the best World Cup record in team history! In the 3\4 final, Belgium beat England 2-0, the first time in the history of Belgium won the third place in the World Cup, setting the best record in the history of the team. England finished fourth, which is their best result since the 1990 World Cup.


With the final vesting of the WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018., the winners of the World Cup were released, and Modric won the Golden Globe Award. Kane won the Golden Boot Award and Mbape was elected the best newcomer. The Golden Glove Award was won by Kurtova. Let’s take a look at these major awards.


Although Croatia finally won the championship and won the runner-up, Modric performed extremely well in this tournament. He is the top player in Croatia’s history to reach the World Cup finals. In the end, Modric won the Golden Globe Award in this tournament, and when the results were announced, the audience cheered, including fans from France, Modric may be popular.


Golden Boot Award – Harry Kane (England)

England captain Kane won the Golden Spike Award for the World Cup in this World Cup with 6 goals. However, Kane’s 6th goal is 5 from the group stage, and includes 3 penalty kicks and 2 positioning balls. The only sporting goal is the refraction of the companion’s shot on his foot. In the knockout stage, Kane only shot once. So despite winning the Golden Boot, Kane’s top scorer is somewhat inadequate.


Best Newcomer – Mbape (France)

Mbape has performed extremely well in this tournament, scoring 4 goals and helping France win the World Cup. Mbape has also become another player under the age of 20 who will be sent to the World Cup finals after Bailey.


Golden Glove Award – Curtova (Belgium)

Kurtova performed well in this tournament. He made many wonderful saves and helped Belgium finally win the third place in the World Cup and set a team history record. With outstanding performance, Kurtova also won the Golden Glove Award (the best goalkeeper) in this tournament.


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