April 24th Although Australia’s World Cup record is only the top 16 in 2006, they have already reached the finals many times, and in 2017, they successfully reached the finals with the 2018 World Cup Australian team. Therefore, the official It is very likely that this team’s 2018 FIFA World Cup Australia team and the 2018 FIFA World Cup Australia starter will be the same as the World Cup preliminaries.




Australia used to be a four-time leader in Oceania and participated in four World Cup finals in 1974, 2006, 2010 and 2014. On November 15, 2017, in the second round of the Intercontinental Intercontinental Playoffs, Australia defeated Honduras 3-1 at home to beat its opponents to become the fifth Asian team to win tickets for the World Cup finals. Later they were assigned to the same group as France, Peru and Denmark.


The most threatening in the C group is France, followed by Peru, and Denmark is similar to them. Of course, what will be the 2018 World Cup Australia lineup and what kind of schedule results will be played? .

Now predict the top 20 list of the 2018 World Cup in Australia.

The 2018 World Cup Australia 23 list:


Although Australia has not achieved much in the World Cup yet, they have won the Oceania Nations Cup of the

1980s, 1996s, 2000s and 2004;

the Asian Cup 2015;

1997 Confederations Cup runner-up;

2011 Asia Cup runner-up;

2001 Federation Cup runner-up;

The above results are not the Australian Kangaroo team that comes out of thin air, but also have their own superiority! !




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