Three-Five Sports News June 6 hearing, at the Liverpool Anfield Stadium, Brazil and Croatia began an international football friendly. In this game Nemar came off the bench, his debut immediately changed the situation on the field, making the balance of the victory completely fell to the Samba Regiment, and eventually scored with Neymar and Fermino’s goals, the Samba corps to 2 – 0 defeated Croatia. This was the first game after Neymar suffered an ankle injury on February 25 this year. As he was still recovering, Neymar contributed a point in the second half of the game when he came off the bench and broke the deadlock.




In an interview after the game, Neymar said he only kicked out 80% of the level. This also allows us to look forward to the upcoming 2018 Russia World Cup on June 14 , let us look forward to Neymar and Brazil’s quiz performance.


In the first half, both sides were slow to find a state, and they had less chance to test each other. Croatia beat Brazil in the first half, resulting in a forward pass by Jesús and Coutinho. There are some difficulties. Both sides also ended with a 0-0 score in the first half.

At the beginning of the second half, the Brazilian team made substitutions. Neymar came on the bench and cheered the audience. After playing in Neymar, it was clear that the Croatian team retracted a lot from halftime. This can also be seen that the Croatian team is more afraid of Neymar’s passing the ball after passing the ball, and the effect of returning to the half is also good.

But Neymar is still Neymar, who has endless vitality and art on the court. At the 69th minute of the game, Brazil broke the deadlock. William turned to pass, and Coutinho was divided to the left. Neymar broke into a gap with three people. The six meters from the door was shot and put into the net. Brazil took the lead 0-1. After the showdown with the Brazilian team, it was clear that the pace of control was not anxious. At the last moment, Paulinho made a pass through and Philmino took a shot and expanded to score 2-0.

After the game, Neymar also said that his physical condition, he said: “From the moment I was injured to three months now, comeback is very important to me, I am very happy. I scored on a comeback I also Satisfied, but when I was on the court, I was still a bit worried, but as time went by, I would completely overcome it.Let us see how this week’s training is going. I believe it will get better and better. Today I very happy.”

“I still feel a bit uncomfortable right now. This is normal because I haven’t been on the court for too long. At present, my physical recovery is about 80%. I hope that when the World Cup comes, I can return to 100%.”

To know that Croatia is a strong team with many star players, such as Modric, Rakitic, Perry Sicki and others. In the first half, except Brazil, Neymar, the main force did not do anything. What is cheap, of course, Croatia is not easy to overcome Brazil, if Brazil can do so much, then they will definitely not become favorites.

After Neymar’s debut, Brazil immediately reversed the situation and changed from a stalemate to a Brazilian-dominated game. Neymar’s role is obvious. His personal ability can now be compared with Messi and Ronaldo, and in Paris, Barcelona and other balls. The team is different. Brazil is a team that completely belongs to Neymar.

Neymar in Brazil is definitely the most comfortable Neymar. Since Neymar entered the national team, the team has always built him with his team as the core, and because Neymar has exceeded the Brazilian team’s individual ability, he is therefore Brazil. No one in the team has any objections, and maximizing Neymar’s ability is also the best way to maximize Brazil’s ability.

Of course, the strength of the current Brazilian national team is not only due to Neymar’s strength, but the evolution in the forward line is also the main reason for the Brazil Cup. Although the rise of Jesús and Fermino is not as good as that of many giant stars, the Brazilian striker has been greatly upgraded compared to the grassroots forward of the previous World Cup.

And now that Neyal has been off the bench for more than three months, he scored a goal and his actual presence on the court has also demonstrated a stronger strength. Let us look forward to Brazil’s performance in the World Cup and look forward to the performance of Neymar.


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