On May 2nd, it was known that there was a gap between the fans of the UK and Russia. In many cases, it is really possible to start playing with a disagreement. In the past, due to the special agent incident, the position of the two countries was immersed in an intriguing atmosphere. Perhaps worried about the other half, the English matrons decided to go with the army and stay in close contact with the English players.




Dangers May Be Faced by the English Ensemble ]

Because of the incidents of the former agents and even the fact that the players from England and Russia have always been wrong, the FA is very worried about the safety of England players and the enlisted group of the British wife. According to the British media “Daily Mail”, the FA will be in this summer. The Russia World Cup provided security for the families of the players.

A spokesman for the FA said on Sunday that the family members of the player’s family and coaching staff will be protected during the World Cup in Russia as part of the official FA delegation. The FA stated that the arrangements for the daily living of the family members of the players will be part of the overall security measures. However, it is not yet clear which players’ family members will send their teams to the World Cup. Therefore, certain details are still in the confidential phase.

[The wife’s group has already set a precedent with the military ]

In the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the family of the players lived in a five-star hotel not far from England’s training base. When England coach Eriksson allowed the players to stay with their families for a long time, this dispersed the three Lions’ Efforts made the players and the wife’s team all doubted. Since then, the FA announced the ban on the wife’s group. After the two World Cups once again included the ladies in the official delegation, the FA has already let the players and head coach Sogsgate eat a sure-footed pill.

In addition, The Daily Mail learned that there are still some players who have offered to the FA that they want to hire private bodyguards to ensure the safety of their families.


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