June 5th News June 21st, 2018 Russian World Cup group match in the second round of the full war, 20 o’clock tonight live video Denmark against Australia. In the first round of the C group, Denmark defeated Peru 1-0, and Australia lost to France 0-1. Can Denmark win the game in the first round? Can the Kangaroo Legion conspire against the situation and reproduce the glory of the 2006 World Cup? In addition, can Tottenham brain Eriksson determine the game again? let us wait and see.



Denmark Expands Its Advantage

Denmark is the middle and upper strength team in Europe, currently ranked 12th in the world. After winning the first round 1-0 win over Peru, it is the key to the third round. The second round against Australia is particularly critical. If you can face the championship in the final round Before the French team scored a good score, they will hopefully make it to the top 16. This time against Australia, Denmark also hopes to use two consecutive victories to lock out qualifying places.

  Kangaroo Legion spoils?

The Kangaroo Legion Australia faced the powerful French team in the first round. Although the strengths of the two sides are very different, Australia’s scenes are completely unobtrusive. If it is not Bogba’s 80-minute kick, the Kangaroo Legion is likely to be the first round of the former world champion. Get points. It is worth mentioning that Australia’s 2006 World Cup team was divided into teams with strong teams like Brazil and Croatia. The Kangaroo Legion eventually broke into the top 16.

Judging from the first-round performance against France, Australia is not without a chance to score points in the current round against Denmark. If they can continue to act as “scrapers” and scramble to make strides, they may also create history on the World Cup stage. .

  Tottenham brain Eriksson into key

Although Denmark’s first-round defeat of Peru was more difficult, the performance of the top star Eriksson in the array was still impressive. It was his instigated offensive that completed the winning streak. This time in the face of defensive tough Australia, Tottenham’s true nuclear can once again instigate precision strikes? His performance will determine the outcome of the game. Now Eriksson is the absolute thigh in the Danish team. His play can largely determine the trend of the game. Of course, Eriksson will naturally have enough strength to help the team. Take 3 points.


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