WELLSPORTS News July 10th, 2018 Russia World Cup semi-final is about to start, tomorrow at 2 am will broadcast live video against France against Belgium


This game will determine a final seat, and the two teams are also the current champion, who will eventually qualify? The two teams with a price of 1.834 billion euros are a star, and the Big Three, Mbabe, Gleizman and Bogba, face the tridents of Azar, De Braun and Lukaku. Who can win this 3V3 matchup?


Two teams starting list prediction

France (4-3-3): 1-Lory; 2- Paval, 4-Valané, 5-Umtiti, 21-Lucas-Hernandez; 6-Bogba, 13-Cant, 14-Matuyidi; 10-Mbape, 9-Giru, 7-Gleizman

Belgium (4-3-3): 1 – Kurtova; 2 – Alderweierd, 5-Vailtong, 4-Kopani, 3-Vermaine; 6-Wittel, 7 – De Blaunet, 11-Carrasco; 10-Azar, 9-Lukaku, 22-Chadley


France enters the finals after 12 years or Belgium creates history

In this WELLBET WORLDCUP 2018, France and Belgium have scored in the top four, and now they are only one step away from the final. Who can finally reach the final? From the history of the World Cup, the previous five times scored 4 France, which has rushed to the finals twice and won a World Cup championship, seems more confident, but France won the championship 20 years ago. At the same time, Belgium last scored in the top four in 1986, they eventually failed to reach the finals, and lost the competition for the third place, when their opponent is France. At this moment, the Belgians naturally hope to complete the revenge on the World Cup, so that they will advance to the finals. Of course, France has its own longing for the finals.

It is worth mentioning that in the other semi-final match against Croatia and England, there is only one who won the World Cup; if Belgium can reach the finals and the Croatian division who also failed to win the World Cup gold cup, The World Cup will give birth to a brand new champion.


Valuation battle: Big Three PK Trident

The sum of the two teams’ worth is as high as 1.834 billion euros, the highest since the start of the World Cup. Among them, 23 players in France have a total value of 1.08 billion euros, ranking first in the top 32. The strikers of Mbape and Gretzman are worth 120 million euros and 100 million euros respectively. Manchester United midfielder Bogba is also worth 9000. Ten thousand euros. The 23 players in Belgium have a total worth of 754 million euros, ranking 6th among the top 32. Midfielder De Braun is the first with 150 million euros. Captain Azar and striker Lukaku are worth 110 million respectively. And 90 million euros.

In the lineup of the two sides, both teams have talented players, the French team has the power to eliminate Argentina’s Mbape, and the super front fighter Gleizman and super midfielder Bogba. The Big Three, the trio, is also the capital that the French are proud of. It is worth mentioning that these three superstars have performed extremely well in previous games, and Mbape is even regarded as a candidate for the next generation of players. In the Belgian squad, Azar, De Brauner and Lukaku’s offensive Trident also became the highlight of the game. The confrontation between the Big Three and the Trident will also become the biggest focus of the semi-finals.


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