Bundesliga, Football 2018-07-25 6:58 AM

WELLSPORTS News: Leverkusen and the German regional league team Hu Paid have had a friendly match.

There was a heart-wrenching scene in the game. Leverkusen attacked the hand Bellarabi and fainted because of heat stroke. He Also sent to the hospital for treatment.

Bellarabi was replaced at the end of the half, but in the 70th minute he was fainted in the heat of the bench, when the temperature reached 33 degrees.

After being sent to the hospital for treatment, the club confirmed that the situation in Belalabi has stabilized.

“Bellarabi is fainted because of the high temperature. He seems to have recovered well now. He is going to the hospital for inspection for safety reasons,

” Leverkusen said.Subsequently, Leverkusen officially explained the situation of Bellarabi. “Bellara is better than now, the alarm has been lifted, but he will stay in the hospital for a while, thank you for your concern and blessing.”

According to a local reporter, the high temperature is not very common, and the club acknowledges that such weather conditions will affect both parties.

“The high temperature has had a certain impact, and it has slowed the pace of both teams.”


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