WELLSPORTS News: Cristiano Ronaldo officially moved to Juventus. Within 24 hours after the Portuguese joined,

Juventus sold 520,000 C Ronaldo jerseys. Soon, this news was questioned by Bayern’s top management. “Absolutely impossible.” This is Bayern’s marketing director Wacker’s evaluation of this data.

The economic benefits of the emperor’s superstar transfer to the new club are rich, including the jersey, but the jersey sales data that each time the superstar joined, seems to have been questioned. Is the true portrayal or exaggeration behind the exaggerated sales? We are trying to find out.

In the NBA, there is an interesting ranking, the basketball player’s jersey sales statistics statistics ranking, published by the NBA official store every year, this data reflects the popularity of the players to a large extent, change the metaphor, the number of sales jerseys as The number of fans, who is more favored at a glance.

Compared to the official statistics of NBA stores, the number of football players’ jersey sales is informal. Unlike the practice of sponsoring shirts in international football, the entire NBA has signed contracts with major brands such as Nike and Adi. The formation of the brand company as a manufacturer, NBA as a business model of the business, so the NBA announced the number of jersey sales is based on their own statistics, the final published data is also traceable.

Compared with the “monopoly” style of the US NBA, the business model between the club and the brand company is very free in the football world. Each club is self-reliant and signs a sponsorship contract with the brand company. The brand company produces related products (including jerseys) for sale or for delivery to operators and operators. In this process, the football club did not participate, which also led to the football club itself, it is impossible to know how much the club jersey sales are.

Whose hand is this data? Brand company! The number of football jerseys sold is related to the secrets of the jersey brand company. In the commercial competition, if the opponent knows oneself and knows each other, the greet will be a failure. This also led to the lack of a brand company such as Nike, Adi, willing to share real data, and most of the information we see from the news comes from private or individual website statistics, neither official nor real enough, just have reference value.

For example, Dr. Peter Rohrman, a frequent marketing expert, has been counting the sales of jerseys in various clubs since 2005. His main focus is on the major clubs in Europe, and he can get a long-term monitoring. The more accurate data arrangement, so I have this picture.

Back to our starting point, within 24 hours, Juventus sold 520,000 jerseys with the C Ronaldo name. After conversion, it sold six jerseys in an average of 1 second. The data are from a European sports marketing agency Euromericas Sport Marketing, if you look carefully look in the online sphere most relevant news in clothing sales, Euromericas Sport Marketing appearance rate is very high, the agency often able to give relevant survey data, including Player income, sponsorship income, jersey sales, etc.

There is not much information about Euromericas Sport Marketing on the Internet. The authority of this organization is difficult to confirm, and it makes the organization’s jersey sales data that is already a reference value more suspicious.

From the picture above, we can deduce the approximate fluctuations in the number of sales of a giant club jersey. Today, ten years later, the above-mentioned clubs have basically doubled in terms of player sales. Combined with the current online data, it can be inferred that in a few seasons, a giant club has sold 10,000 to 2 million jerseys. According to the team’s influence in football, this data will fluctuate up and down, but ultimately Will get rid of the fluctuations.

Juventus’s strong recovery, coupled with the legacy of the old-fashioned giants, entered the year after 2010, the total sales of the team’s jerseys gradually increased, in recent years, each season can be maintained at 1 million to 1.5 million. In other words, from the moment C Ronaldo joined, in just one day, Juventus completed the sales of jerseys for half a year or half a year.

Also according to the data provided by Euromericas Sport Marketing, in the 2015-16 season, the top of the player jersey sales list is Messi, whose jersey sold 1.985 million pieces, and the fifth Nymar jersey on the list sold 942,000. Pieces, the sum of the two has reached nearly 3 million figures. Also in the 2015-2016 season, the more authoritative sports retailers kitbag and SportsDirect sold jerseys for European clubs. Barcelona sold only 2.29 million jerseys throughout the season. The same season, Euromericas Sport Marketing’s data was that Barcelona sold 3.63 million jerseys that season.

From this point of view, the statistics of Euromericas Sport Marketing may be wider than other authoritative organizations, so the overall data is high, not only this time alone to give Ronaldo and Juventus special treatment.

Of course, there are some details involved here. There are many ways to sell jerseys, in addition to on-site purchases, online ordering, abandoning physical stores and club official websites, as well as purchasing channels all over the world. In addition to different ways of purchase, the types of jerseys are also clearly differentiated, usually divided into three categories: the fan version, the most widely distributed in the market, the biggest feature is the price positioning, 99 series (499, 599, 699). The commercial player version, completely copying the player’s jersey, is different from the fan version in detail, has a technical content, is less publicly available, and has a small market. Rare version: This version can also be divided into the ending version, the dressing room version, in short, the jersey used by the player (not related to this article, not much narrative, remember very expensive), so statistics for the jersey sales When the above situation is summarized. Of course, the most important thing is the fan version, the price is acceptable, and the public can afford it.

Considering the above situation, supplemented by C Ronaldo’s popularity and status, the absolute strong appeal, it is realistic to produce quite high sales of jerseys. It is certain that after Cristiano Ronaldo joins Juventus, it will definitely bring a substantial increase in the sales of club jerseys, but is the actual data consistent with the report? Since there is no official official data, no one can decide


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