La Liga 2018-09-03 12:26 PM

WELLSPORTS News: For the 8-2 home win, Barcelona coach Valvede expressed satisfaction in the post-match interview, but thought it would be too early to discuss the top.


About the game

We invested a lot of troops in the offense and scored 8 goals. This is the result of the cooperation, we created the opportunity. Huesca is a dangerous team in the counterattack because they have deep players like Gallial and Juan Hernandez. They gave us the horsepower with a goal, but we also passed the color through patience and halftime oppression.We didn’t enter the state when we lost the first ball, and the second goal was unexpected. Before the break, the game had suspense, but in the second half we solved the game and we shot higher.

The opponent scored by counterattack

We were beaten back a few times and these opportunities became goals. One is to enter in the opening 2 minutes, which is very shocking to people, because you still feel that you are not active, but we try to attack. No one likes to start 0-1 behind, but the opponent is also playing, they want to annoy you.

Top position

This is just the beginning. It is a certain importance to climb the top with a goal. We have a team like Valencia or Atletico, but everything is just beginning, and the league is still growing.

About Rakitic

All of my players deserve to win prizes, but I don’t value them so much.

About VAR

I still have some questions about it, I asked the fourth official. The assistant referee usually judges accurately, but there have been mistakes today. As for the delay in celebration… Well, you should get used to it. But my feeling is that everything is more fair, I don’t think I have lost too much time, about half a minute.

Starting 11 people

We have a lot of games, everyone will have a chance, this is not the main lineup is not something that outsiders can know.

About Pique’s failure to hold a valid driver’s license

I talked to him, I don’t think this situation will affect him. He is always at the forefront, and many times this is not what he wants, he will handle it in the best way.


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