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WELLSPORTS News:Madrid Sports believes that Cohen Trang will become Real Madrid’s next signing sooner or later. What is undetermined is his price and the way Real Madrid raises funds. From the current situation, Las Diarra The transfer price will be the key to Real Madrid’s introduction of Coentrao.

Although Mourinho has always said that Ras will definitely have a position in Real Madrid next season, but Ras’s intention has been decided, he wants to feel more important role, get more playing time, because of this, He has asked his agent several times to meet with the senior club of Real Madrid, asking Real Madrid to listen to reports from other clubs in any case. Just recently, Russ’s agent conveyed to the Real Madrid club the meaning of the Juventus club’s interest in the French midfield.

In the case of the players insisting on leaving, Real Madrid will no longer force the re-election of Real Madrid, Real Madrid now hopes to obtain a transfer fee of 20 million euros through the sale of Rus, and this income can be used to help the club introduce Coentrao. Real Madrid and Benfica have been negotiating for Cohen Trang’s transfer for some time. Real Madrid’s initial price was 22 million euros, but Benfica’s club insisted that Cohentra’s worth could not be less than 30 million euros. The executives believe that the offer cannot exceed 25 million euros in any case.

Mourinho has always been in contact with Coentrao. He told the players that Real Madrid will do his best to introduce him, and Coentrao also pledges allegiance to Mourinho: “Real Madrid is interested in me, I am also against Real Madrid. Interested, now the two clubs must reach an agreement, I hope that my dream of joining Real Madrid can be achieved. If you can join Real Madrid, then I am willing to kick any position outside the goalkeeper, and I will do my best on the court.”

At the current position, Benfica still insists that Coentrao will not be sold without 30 million euros. Benfica club president Luis Vieira said: “I don’t know if Coentra will leave, but he told me that June 22 Will report to the Bright Stadium. If other clubs pay the contract damages, which is 30 million euros, then we can’t stop him from leaving.” Vieira stressed that Benfica will not negotiate with other clubs for less than 30 million euros. And if Cohen Trang returns to the team on June 22, he will also welcome it.

Mourinho prepared a list of signings for this summer a few months ago. Sahin, Arden Top, and Calehon are the players he wants, and Real Madrid has successfully bought these players. Now, Mourinho asked Real Madrid to complete the introduction of another important player in the list, Cohen Trang. It is reported that on Monday, Mourinho told Real Madrid club president Florentino and executive manager Jose Sanchez that he hopes to complete the construction of the lineup next season. For this reason, the pace of signing and cleaning will be accelerate. Mu Shuai asked the club to finalize the transformation of Coentrao as soon as possible: “When I am, Coentrao can play both the side and the middle. If Russ leaves, Coentrao can play in the middle. He can play a lot. The location is a top player.”

In the view of Mu Shuai, Cohen Trang has a breakthrough ability to inject strength into the game, which is what Real Madrid lacks in several games against Barcelona this season. In the case that Mu Shuai asked the club to introduce Coentralang as soon as possible, it is obvious that the player is getting closer and closer to Real Madrid. (Celgio)


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