WELLSPORTS  NEWS: Not long ago, the “Marca” made an exclusive interview with Gretzman. He talked about his football and private life. Of course, the Golden Globe is still a topic that cannot be avoided.


How much time is at home?

There is very little time to spend with my daughter. When I was at home, I tried to spend time with her. She picked her up from 4 pm and went to school. I was around her.

What do you usually do after picking up your daughter?

Eat snacks first, then see if she wants to go to the park or play at home, we try to have fun together.


Whose place do you live now?

We live in La Finca (a affluent area of ​​Madrid) and all the renovations in our home were decided by Erika (wife). She asked me, but when I saw my reaction, I thought it was still, she did it herself, but I told her if I had any needs, such as I want a small swimming pool, a movie theater, a basketball court, etc. These ones

You like to play games. What is the game hall in your home?

I have a game table, but I think it can be bigger. There are two screens in the room, one for playing games and one for watching TV. There is no sofa and there is a professional player chair.

What is the ideal sofa?

Comfortable, you lie down and don’t want to get up.


What do you want at home?

a museum. Because we have to change the house, if everything goes well, I will build a passage to place the jersey and trophy.

Will invite friends to come to the house to meet or…

I let them come, but I don’t have a lot of people. We are all in the living room, my wife and the guests are chatting, I am listening, and occasionally inserting a few words, but I like them to come to my house.

2018 is a year worth remembering for you

Yes, I am very happy and proud, it seems that football began to show me a smile.


The next step is the Golden Globe Award?

Ok, let’s see it when we get there.

In the last two finals (European Cup and World Cup), you have been elected as the best player. This shows that you are the final winner of the Golden Globe Awards?

As I said before, I am not a voter, otherwise it will be much easier (laughs). In addition to the European Super Cup, I have played decisively in both finals, which I like and always want to do.

Can we say that you are in the best time?


hope so. I enjoy football very much and winning is the best for me. I am also very happy in the national team. I have a group of excellent teammates. I believe that with the help of two coaches (Deshang and Simone), I can get better.

Go back to the topic of the Golden Globe. This year the French team won the World Cup, so the Golden Globe winner is obvious?

If the winner is French, of course it is good. If it falls on my head, it is better; if other French people win awards, I am also very proud.

Do you think that getting a Golden Globe when you play for Atletico will make you great?

The recent stable play is important for the Golden Globe Awards.

good question. I feel that my performance in 2018 is still very stable. I hope to continue to maintain it. After all, there are still several months.


Despite winning so many trophies, what do you think is missing?

Yes, I have always been lacking. I have been fighting for more goals, have more assists, and improve myself in all aspects.

Everyone says that you have learned to defend and actively participate in defense. Is this Simone’s credit?

Yes, I like to break the ball in the half, which is to help the team defend. It is very difficult for an offensive player to do this. The more he encourages me, the more I will do.

This year’s Champions League final will be held in the Wanda Metropolis, if Atletico Madrid can participate in the finals at home…

Yes, it is a dream, it is our goal, but it is very difficult, because there are many excellent teams in the Champions League. We will do our best. In short, I think (to participate in the finals at home) this is the goal of all of us.

Do you think football is owed to Atletico Madrid a Champions League?

Ok, not that you deserve it, football will give you. We will do our best.


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