WELLSPORTS  NEWS: The documents that Der Spiegel and Mediapart got from the “Football Declassification” project revealed some of the inside story behind Mbape’s move to Paris. Let’s take a look at the stories behind this transfer that shocked football in the summer of 2017 .

1. Paris matches the quote of Real Madrid 180 million euros

In the summer of 2017, Mbape proposed to Monaco the same annual salary of 8 million euros after the same tax as Falcao. This figure is 16 times his first professional annual salary in May 2016 . Monaco refused and reached an agreement with Real Madrid on a transfer contract of 180 million euros (including 30 million euros floating) on ​​July 20. The final turnover may reach 214 million euros, because Monaco refused to pay the tax of 34 million euros, Real Madrid agreed to bear the expenses for the other party.

But Mbapp finally chose Paris. Monaco Vice-President Vasilyev initially refused to sell to rival Paris, unless Paris was willing to match Real Madrid’s offer . Finally, on August 31, the price of Paris was: 180 million euros.

2. How to avoid taxes and make transactions complicated

As everyone knows, Mbabe was loaned to Paris free of charge in the first year, and was forced to buy out at the price of 145 million euros in the second year. If Paris or resale Muba Pei contract with him, he had the need to pay 35 million euros. Since I just spent 220 million euros to buy Neymar, Paris also hopes to abide by the fiscal fairness policy, and they really think of it .

According to regulations, if the rental fee reaches 30 million euros, Paris will have to pay a tax when the final buyout. In order to reduce taxes, in the beginning, Paris and Monaco discussed the reduction of rental fees from 30 million euros to 20 million euros, but Monaco refused. Until the end, Paris came up with a way to increase the buyout fee for free rental. When the contract was signed , there was only 10 hours left before the transfer window closed…

3.10 million euros after-tax annual salary

Paris accepted the conditions of the Mbabe side. The first is the signing fee: 5 euros in two payments for the first two seasons; followed by an after-tax annual salary of 10 million euros for five seasons , all taxed by Paris. At first, Mu Bapei one party must first season 9.5 million euros, but Paris gradually put more hope in those five years of his high salary, so the final outcome of the negotiations: 2017/18 Season 7 million euros, 930 this season million euros, after which rose one million euros per season, the last contract reached 12 million euros.

Of course, the premise is that Mbabe has been in Paris.

4. Terms rejected by Paris

Mbape hopes that if he wins the Golden Globe, he will automatically become the team’s highest paid player, that is, three times the annual salary, reaching the standard of 30 million euros in Neymar. This request was rejected by Paris. After consultation, it became: the Golden Globe will bring him an after-tax bonus of 500,000 Euros.

Other requests for rejection by the Mbabe side: If Paris is expelled from the Champions League for violating fiscal fairness, compensation is required; 50 hours of private helicopter flight per year .

Of course, there are also accepted conditions: a monthly subsidy of 30,000 euros and 3 employees (a housekeeper, a driver and a bodyguard).

5. Broker’s income

The two brokers who participated in the transaction benefited a lot. Well-known broker Mendes got 5% of the transfer fee, which is 9 million euros. He did not work for Mbabe, but the reward from Monaco.

This high transfer fee did not go to Monaco’s account, but into the pocket of the boss Rebonolev: a total of 124 million euros, of which 77 million euros have been paid on July 30 this year.

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