Doctors Prescribe Xanax Online WELLSPORTS News:Recently, Real Madrid player Asencio said in an interview: “My first goal is always to win for Real Madrid. After that, you never know what will happen.” Asencio said: “Real Madrid is the most successful club in the world. From the moment you join, you need to know that you need to be prepared to wear this jersey for you to win everything. I have tried not to go. I pay more attention to the evaluation of the outside world. There are too many outside comments. Of course, this is normal. Because Real Madrid has been very successful in recent years, I only hope to make progress.

“Lopeteji coach always has a great idea. I personally like his coaching style very much. After he leads the team, the training is very strong. He has very high demands on us. I can play any offensive type. The location, but I don’t like to be fixed on the sidewalk. I need freedom in offense and need a wide range of moves to create opportunities.”

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