La Liga 2018-08-28 8:15 AM

WELLSPORTS News: According to Sel Radio’s El Larguero show, La Liga’s newly promoted Barbadolide will complete the conversion of club ownership in the near future,and the next boss is likely to be former Brazilian star Ronaldo (Daluo).


The news was first disclosed by Marca Radio on August 23, and the news that Brazilian Ronaldo will become the new largest shareholder of the Valladolid Club. Radio’s “El Larguero” program on Monday said that Ronaldo will spend about 30 million euros for this. After the acquisition, the Brazilian will become the major shareholder and serve as the chairman of the club, while the former club president Carlos Suarez will Continue to stay in the club as CEO

The newspaper said that a few months ago, the Valladolid Club had negotiated with the Mexican businessman Ernesto Tinajero about the conversion of ownership, and eventually Carlos Suarez terminated contact with Mexicans. Another source said that the breakdown of the previous negotiations was related to the equity dispute in the board of directors of the Valladolid Club last season.


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