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German goalkeeper Neuer, who had suffered a previous injury injury, is about to return to the team. Now there are two voices about whether he can continue to serve as the first German goalkeeper. However Bayern Bayern’s Bout is convinced that he can play in the 2018 World Cup, he can do the main goalkeeper duties. With regard to the No. 1 issue of the German World Cup lineup, there are currently two voices in the industry: The mainstream media and most famous places believe that even if Neuer had only one month or even less time preparing for the World Cup,

Bayern 1 should also be the German team. The main goalkeeper of the World Cup lineup; another voice is: Telstegen can completely replace Neuer as Germany’s main goalkeeper. Indeed, in the period after Neuer’s injury, Terstgen was so excellent that there was a voting game about whether the two of them were the first goalkeepers in Germany. The latter was stronger than the former.

Regardless of the current situation, Neuer is still available to Bayern Belle. On March 26, Beijing time, at the end of the national team match day at the end of March, two clubs, Liverpool and Bayern Munich, used a leisure time to host a veteran tournament. Zeng Dai

Table Bayern’s goalkeeper Bout who played in the 2009-10 UEFA Champions League finals took advantage of this opportunity to receive an interview from sport1 and said: “We firmly believe that Neuer can play in the World Cup.” In the same way, the former German nationals Ilgena felt that the goalkeeper did not need to run like other players, even if Neuer was fully recovered in early May and came back again.

Neuer is coming back. His fans have a lot of excitement about wood. From the inside out, they want to be crazy about Call.


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