Premier League 2018-08-31 9:22 AM

WELLSPORTS News: The draw for the Champions League in the new season has ended, and Juventus, Manchester United,


Valencia and Berne have been placed in Group H. After the draw, the French defender Evra, who played for Manchester United and Juventus, also shared some complicated feelings on Twitter. Evra po out of the cartoon shape wearing Manchester United and Juventus jersey, and made the hairstyle P a super Saiyan, he also wrote in the article: “Manchester United vs Juventus, why is this? for me?”

Evra played for Manchester United in 2006-2014, then he moved to join Juventus and played for the old woman in 2017.

Manchester United and Juventus met in the Champions League group stage, their first match will be on October 24th, Beijing time, at Manchester United. The second fight at Juventus will be on November 8th, Beijing time.


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