Premier League 2018-08-30 6:30 AM

WELLSPORTS News: This morning, the UEFA Champions League play-off ended the last three matchups. Benfica,


Eindhoven and Belgrade Red Star became the last three teams to enter the Champions League 32.

At this point, all the top 32 teams have been produced, and the division of each team has also been released.

First gear: Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Moscow Locomotive;

Second gear: Dortmund, Porto, Manchester United, Shakhtar Donetsk, Benfica, Naples, Tottenham Hotspur, Rome;

Third gear: Liverpool, Schalke 04, Lyon, Monaco, Ajax, CSKA Moscow, Eindhoven, Valencia;

Four files : Bruges, Galatasaray, Berne Young, Inter Milan, Belgrade Red Star, Athens AEK, Pilsen Victory, Hoffenheim.

As Benfica finally advanced to the top 32, the Premier League giants, the last runner-up Liverpool was divided in the third gear.

The draw will be held at 0:00 on the 31st (tomorrow).


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