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Wu Lei is sandwiched between a bunch of foreign aids, and people will always feel that it is not easy for Wu Lei to play football abroad. Former foot Wu Lei has just tied the record of the history of the Super League. The British media reported that the Premier League newly promoted the Wolves have taken a fancy to him. This Wu Lei may really want to go abroad to play football.

The Wolves have a Chinese background and it seems that this transfer is not impossible. But in addition to the team’s wishes, there is still one of the biggest difficulties between Wu Lei and the Premier League. That is the labor certificate .

In 1999, Chelsea, who had not yet Abu, set a record. In an Premier League game against Southampton, they sent a starting 11 of all foreign players. However, such a scene may not be able to appear again afterwards. Also in that year, the labor certification policy was officially implemented in the British football field.

As we all know, the United Kingdom passed the famous referendum in 2016. The British people are now thinking back, many people may be annoyed that they were too impulsive. But in fact, the low-skilled jobs in the UK were suffering from the severe impact of cheap labor from Eastern European countries in the European Union. Based on such social reality, it is completely understandable that voters will be impulsive.

A similar situation existed in the UK very early, but there were no such Eastern European countries in the EU at that time. Therefore, the solution proposed by the relevant British authorities at that time was the labor certification system.

The labor certificate is simply a work permit for a foreigner in the UK, and there are different professional standards for obtaining labor certification in different industries. Set a threshold for all sectors of the UK to recruit talent outside the EU, on the one hand to attract high-quality elites to work in the UK, to promote economic prosperity; on the one hand to prevent ordinary jobs from being eroded by foreign labor, to protect the employment opportunities of their own people .


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