Premier League 2018-08-02 10:59 AM

WELLSPORTS News: Lester City coach Pierre revealed that neither Maguire nor Valdi will participate in Manchester United’s first round of Premier League games.


He also joked that Mann Lenovo bought Maguire to create trouble.

Pierre said: “I think they only train with the team for 5 days. It is impossible to participate in the first round. We can use Maguire and Valdi, but we also need to protect them. If they want to play, then this It’s a good thing, which means they have a willingness to fight for the team, but they need more time, we will look at the situation. We try to give them enough time to train with the team to make their physical progress, we have to avoid Injury. The work after the World Cup is very important, but return to the team, live with the team, you have to reintegrate into the atmosphere of the club.”

Recently, Manchester United was sent to intend to introduce Maguire, but was rejected by Leicester City. Now the Red Devils have set their sights on Mina of Barcelona. For the rumors that Maguire joined Manchester United, Pierre jokingly said: “I I think this may be that Mann Lenovo has caused us trouble before the game. This is not used to create trouble, but I think he is a better player in our lineup. We want to keep him, there are still a few days It’s just beginning, it’s not a good thing for the team and our confidence.”

It seems that Maguire will stay in Leicester City. It is understood that Fox City will start a contract renewal with him in the next few weeks.

Leicester City’s first round of the Premier League will be the guest of Old Trafford against Manchester United, Pierre continued: “The team is likely to do well this season and continue to make progress. If we can keep our best Players, then we can do something interesting. We lost Mahlers, we know the importance of this player, but we can no longer lose another important player.”

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