WELLSPORTS News:  My wolf forward Bonardini broke the ball in the 2-0 Xie Wednesday’s Karabao Cup.

Buying Alprazolam His last goal dates back to December last year, and he experienced a scoring drought of 27 games. At the same time, Costa also made a penalty in this game.

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Nuno said the game: “We are very satisfied, which highlights the team’s many positive factors, the small players get the first show, the new aid debut, and they performed well on the field. The most important thing is that the team’s performance is very good, We passed the second round of the Karabao Cup, which is very important to us. We have gained progress while learning from each game.

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Bonati’s last goal was actually on December 4 last year and he scored again. Nuno said: “This is a very good sign. The goal is always a good thing, it gives the player confidence, although I have always had confidence in Bonardini, but he is also very important to score a goal. Bonatini scored For him, he broke the scoring drought, but it is far more than this. This is good for the whole team.

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Xanax Online Romania Since Nuno coached the Wolves, the team has never lost the ball in the Calabao Cup. He said: “It’s incredible! I haven’t realized it yet. For the Wolves, this is an excellent game. When The player wore a wolf suit, he knew what he was going to do, they were in good shape and worked hard. I was very satisfied with the results and we will try to correct the mistakes in the game.”

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Four players – new aid Denton Kerr and young players Watt, Ashley Syl and Gonçalves all ushered in their first team of the Wolves first team. Nuno talked about the youngster who just appeared on the first show: “They started preparing for us with the season before, we found their strength, so they don’t need to prove anything to anyone from this game. Some of them are U23 players. They are our reserve army, they have talent, but they must also work hard. This is their first official match, but they have already played in the preseason against Ajax and Basel.” Bath unexpectedly lost the game’s roster and has not yet got a chance to play this season. “This is a tough decision,” Nuno said. “Bath is the captain of the Wolves. I have already talked to him. He didn’t come to the game today. This is the choice of the head coach. I have to make a decisive decision, although sometimes the players are not willing to accept it, but I have to do: For example, Dengdong Kerr ushered in the first show, House, Cody, and Bennett was on the bench, and Boli did not come. This is the decision that the coach must do.When asked if Bath is still in his team plan, Nuno replied: “All Wolves players, including U23 and even U18 players, are in my plan.  

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