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March 5th Sports News On the 9th of May, the Premier League played multiple matches this week. At 2:45 tomorrow, Leicester City will play against Arsenal at home. The English Premier League SMG should not be optimistic about the rise of the Gunners.


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Premier League Scribble Recommended: Leicester City VS Arsenal

The Nature of the Competition: The 31st round of the Premier League 2017-18 season

Match time: 2018. 05.10 Thursday 02:45

Asian Handicap: 0.88 Leicester City + 0.5 Arsenal 0.98

European Index: 3.35 3.63 1.88

  Preview of English Premier League Matches

Although Arsenal in the UEFA Cup semi-finals, but back to the league team is still alive, last week’s league gunmen in the Emirates Stadium to kill, 5 to 0 home bloody Burnley, Wenger’s last home perfect curtain call. Forwards Obayem Yang shot 2 shots and 1 pass for the team. Since the return of the Leicester City to the Premier League, the team has never defeated the gunmen. The two sides have had 7 league matches in the past and the Blue Fox has lost 2 draws and 5 losses. The gunmen still have customer wins. The Leicester City, which was in a state of decline at the end of the season, lost to West Ham United 0-2 at home last week, allowing opponents to relegate ahead of schedule. The team’s last five Premier League matches were plentiful and the result was 1 draw and 4 losses. The players did not have enough war at the end of the season. However, coach Puel still received support from the club’s top players. The battle was against them at the imperial court. Not sloppy. Last week, the team lacked a full line of nine main players. Losing the game is indeed extenuating, but their injuries have eased in the middle of the week.

  Analysis of Premier League Matchmaking Handicap

The gunner made a concession on the road, which was entirely due to the strong performance of strong opponents. However, the first half of the semi-final game seemed to be less awesome. After all, the blue fox had lost all five games in the past. This is a low-handed absorption. It is apparent that the agency has induced players to sell chips to sell on the market, and the market has risen to a hemisphere, highlighting the increase in customer sales. . Gunners’ performance this season has always been a downturn. Whether the league or the cup, the team’s away concessions are not trustworthy. Their last away win in the league was already December of last year. Therefore, this game should not be optimistic about the rise of the gunmen.

  Premier League SEMI Half Recommended: Flat/flat, win/win, negative/success

Premier League Squad score recommendation: 1:1, 2:1

Premier League Squad wins the game against Leicester City (+1). Recommended: 3

English Premier League football did not get the ball, it is recommended: 1/3


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