Midfield star targets Champions League success for Chelsea

Eden Hazard is considered one of the most talented footballers on the planet, but is he worth four times more than Neymar, who signed for Paris Saint-Germain for a record-breaking fee of €222million (£202m)?

One man certainly thinks so. That’s Hazard himself
When asked by the Daily Mail what his value would be compared to Neymar’s €222m fee, Chelsea and Belgium star Hazard joked: “1 billion!… Hahaha – no I am just kidding. No not one billion. Neymar is a top player, he is Brazilian. I haven’t got an answer for that one.”
While he jokes about his own transfer valuation, one thing that Hazard is deadly serious about is winning trophies.

The 26-year-old, who won the Premier League title with the Stamford Bridge club last season, wants Champions League success but knows it will be difficult because of the pressures of domestic football in England.

“I think this year will be no different from the previous years, in the sense that every year it is difficult – especially when you play in many competitions,” he said. “This year we have the Champions League as well and it is not easy to succeed in multiple competitions.

“We just want to win as many trophies as possible, for me personally I haven’t won the Champions League so maybe that one would be a little bit more special, but I would prefer us to win everything.”
With next year’s World Cup now on the horizon can the star-studded Belgians lift the trophy in Russia? Hazard says Belgium winning the World Cup will be more difficult than Chelsea securing back-to-back titles or winning the Champions League.

“Maybe the World Cup with Belgium is the most difficult one,” said Hazard. “We haven’t won anything before, so it would be the first time and maybe that’s why it is more difficult.
“However, we have got a good team and a good manager with some interesting young players so everything is possible. But all the trophies are difficult to win you know, it is not just about one game – you have to win a lot of games and everything needs to come together, so we will see but I will do my best.”

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