Bundesliga 2018-08-14 12:22 PM

WELLSPORTS News: Leipzig striker Werner said that if Özil wants to return to the German national team, everyone will welcome him.

The defending champion Germany was eliminated in the Russian World Cup group match, and both Werner and Ozil entered the competition. After the World Cup, Ozil issued a long article explaining his own journey and then announced his withdrawal from the German national team, which made him criticized by the German media and the German Football Association.However, now Werner said that he welcomes Ozil’s return to the German national team. He said: “If Ozil says ‘I will play for the German team again’, then I think many people on the team will be very happy. .”

Werner also said that he hopes to reach the ranks of Greizman and Azar and others. In order to achieve this goal, he may have to leave Leipzig. He said: “You have to participate in the Champions League final, or at least enter the semi-finals, This can be done. At Leipzig, we are not ready to achieve such an achievement.”

Werner’s current contract with Leipzig will expire in 2020.


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