Bundesliga 2018-09-04 12:14 PM

WELLSPORTS News: The Swiss Football Association announced the various football awards this year, and the goalkeeper Sommer, who played for Menxing,


was elected as the Swiss footballer of the year. The best newcomer to the annual football in Switzerland is also from Menxing, a midfielder young teenager Zakaria. Swiss national team coach Petkovic won the award of the best coach.

Sommers performance in the second half of last season was very good, and he also played well in the World Cup. In the second half of last season’s “Kicker” Bundesliga goalkeeper, Sommer ranked first in the Bundesliga. Sommers performance was recognized and won this years Swiss Footballer of the Year. This is Sommer’s award for the Swiss Footballer of the Year after 2016.

Among other awards, Sommers Mencius teammate Zacharia won the title of Swiss Newcomer of the Year, and Swiss national team coach Petkovic was elected the best coach for the third consecutive year.


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