Antonio Conte quitting Chelsea?

One of the big stories for Chelsea fans during the international break has been a fresh round of articles suggesting Antonio Conte is ready to leave the club.
Chelsea are currently fourth in the Premier League after seven rounds of the season.

It’s been a mixed start to the campaign for the Blues, as they’ve already been beaten by Burnley and Man City on home soil.
At the same time, many were lauding Chelsea after they became the first team to score and win away at Atletico Madrid’s new ground in the Champions League.
Chelsea’s financial penalty?

The Sunday Times recently set off alarm bells at Stamford Bridge.

The big rumour was that Conte remains unhappy with life at Chelsea, and he’ll leave the club at the end of the season. That’s despite the fact Conte signed a three year deal when he joined the club.

It was also claimed that the only reason Conte didn’t leave Chelsea last summer was due to money.
Had Conte quit, reported the Sunday Times, the Italian would have been hit with a hefty financial penalty as per his contract. It’s believed Chelsea had a £20m ¬termination penalty clause in Conte’s contract.

But according to the Mirror in the past few days, no such clause exists in Conte’s contract.
Thats heightened belief that Conte may leave Stamford Bridge at the end of the season.

And, the Star of Friday try to offer some comfort to Chelsea fans if that happens.

‘Chelsea will be OK’

The Star quote Pat Nevin, who works as a pundit for Chelsea TV.
Nevin believes that even if Conte does walk out early on his Blues contract, Chelsea will be OK. Nevin told the Star the following:
When you’ve been following Chelsea as long as some of us have, you know they change manager very quickly but still have brilliant managers. They seem to make good choices.
It would disappointing to some degree but Chelsea time and time again do that, change it and then keep on being successful.

Personally I’d want him to stay because I enjoy learning from him and I like the guy, he’s entertaining.

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