Football, News 2018-07-31 9:28 AM

WELLSPORTS News: Dortmund winger Plysic is the most watched star in Europe,

and many giants including Real Madrid are in contact with him, and Liverpool is no exception. According to the Liverpool Echo, Plišic is unlikely to be sold this summer, and Dortmund is preparing to sell the players next summer.

The 19-year-old Plišic’s contract with Dortmund has two years left, Chelsea is also concerned about the situation of the players, and Klopp has repeatedly expressed his appreciation of Plišic in public.

The German media and ESPN news said that if Plišic refused to sign the contract, the team would seek to sell the players next summer.

Plišić has already played 21 times on behalf of the US national team, and his contract renewal with Dortmund is currently in a deadlock.

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