WELLSPORTS News: Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid to join Juventus this summer,


and his departure has given a record to this point, that is, in 19 years, Real Madrid did not win the Golden Globe in the lineup for the first time in the season. Player.

This record began in the 2000/01 season, when Figo moved to Real Madrid for 61 million euros, and the Portuguese superstar won the 2000 Golden Globe Award.

In the 2001/02 season, Zidane moved from Juventus to Real Madrid, and Qi Zu won the Golden Globe Award in 1998.

Subsequently, Ronaldo and Owen came to Real Madrid, Ronaldo was the winner of the 2002 Golden Globe Award, and Owen won the Golden Globe Award in 2001.

In 2006, Golden Globe winner Cannavaro joined Real Madrid in the summer. Later, in the 07/08 and 08/09 seasons, Cannavaro was the only Golden Globe player in Real Madrid.

The 2009/10 season is very special for Real Madrid, and the two Golden Balls, Kaka and C Ronaldo, have arrived. Real Madrid’s lineup continues to have the Golden Globe winner.


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