News, Serie A 2018-07-23 7:59 AM

WELLSPORTS News Real Madrid’s star Cristiano Ronaldo has left the team to join the Serie A giant Juventus.


In the absence of Ronaldo’s Real Madrid players, Modric’s jersey became the most popular Real Madrid jersey.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus jersey is currently out of stock. On the first day of Cristiano Ronaldo’s joining Juventus, his No. 7 player sold 520,000. How about the sales of Real Madrid jerseys that lost Portuguese superstars? It is reported that the best sales in the Real Madrid jersey is the midfielder Croatian Modric’s jersey.

Modric’s outstanding performance in the Russian World Cup made him a new idol of Real Madrid. According to the staff of the Bernabeu store, this is the most popular jersey now. There are pictures of Benzema in the shop window. They seem to hope that Benzema can hold up some of the business after C Ronaldo, but it seems that it is not successful. The staff said that Benzema’s jersey is the least sold. One of the jerseys.

Real Madrid team players Isco and Asencio’s jerseys are also popular, in addition to Bell’s jerseys also have good sales. For Latin American fans, they prefer Navas’s jersey.


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