March 5th Sports News May 22 hearing, the Western Conference Finals G4 is about to begin the war, tomorrow morning at 9:00 am will continue to meet the Rockets home video live. The importance of this campaign is self-evident, either the Warriors won the match point, or the Rockets tied the score, and the game’s impact on the quality of the series. The Warriors who made a big victory in the previous game ushered in the bad news. Iguodala may be absent due to a bruise in his left knee. After missing one of the defense gates, can the Warriors successfully defend the Rockets? 18 points in the game with 35 points in the game can continue the hot feeling? He and Harden’s showdown who can win it?



Iguodala fears absence

Although the Warriors beat the Rockets to take the lead in the middle of the score, the team also suffered some blows. Iguodala suffered a bruise in his left knee. Now his knee feels sore and may miss the fourth game. Iguodala’s importance is self-evident. In this series, the Warriors adjusted their starters and sent five deaths from the start. They hope Iguodala can improve the defensive intensity to limit the Rockets. Now that Iguodala is injured and may be absent, the defense of the Warriors will be a big blow, and there is no certainty as to how their starting lineup will be adjusted. Can Durant Thompson Green Curry share the burden of missing Iguodala’s ring? Who can stand up for the Warriors?

  Warriors broke out and strive to match points

The Warriors won a big victory in the third game, they once again lead with 2-1, the current Warriors coach Cole most hope that the team can forget the victory in the third game, everything from scratch. This is because the Rockets will certainly try their best to counterattack after a disastrous defeat. The Warriors need to be prepared for this. Whether they are offensive or defensive, they will face greater pressure. Curry regained the touch in the third game and gave the team a great deal of offense. In particular, his outbreak in the third quarter drove the team. Curry has to work hard to keep the touch. Durant and Thompson are also the same. The three of them have to give the team more help on the offensive end to lead the team’s offense. Green is the core of both the offensive and defensive team, he will play a greater role in defense, in particular, Iguodala may be absent, Green needs to drive the team’s defense. Livingston, Yang, Luni, and others must work hard to make contributions. They have to shoulder greater responsibilities than before.

  Can rocket rebound and tie the score?

The Rockets lost a net 41 points in Game 3 of the Western Conference finals and they suffered a serious loss in the away game. However, the Rockets will be reborn again in the fourth game. All they have to do is try to rebound on the road and win the home victory. The playoffs are only the total score of the series, and it doesn’t matter how big each point is. As long as the Rockets can win the series, even if there is a net negative 41 points, that’s nothing.

Harden and Paul played well in the third game. Now that the team is faced with a life-and-death battle, they need to send out more energy. They must strive to show their dominance on the road. If the Rockets lose again, they will face 1-3 behind, this situation is very difficult to reverse, so the Rockets should strive for the fourth game in the away game. Harden will keep aggressive to put pressure on the Warriors’ defense, and Iguodala may be injured. The attack on Harden should be good news. The same is true for Paul. He wants to be more aggressive and to create enough trouble for the Warriors in the backcourt.

Of course, the Rockets need more than just the two leaders of the bulb. They also need role players to help. Gordon, Ariza and Tucker’s performance in the third game was obviously inferior to the second game. This is one of the reasons why the Rockets suffered a fiasco. If these three players can get back the second touch on the offensive end, then the Rockets The team will be more competitive on the road. Now that the Rockets are facing a back-to-back situation, they need role players to play better.

  Harden VS Curry

In this series of games, Harden averaged 29.3 points, 6.3 rebounds and 6.3 assists. In the third game, Harden became the target of the Warriors. He participated in 16 single defenses as the main defender when faced with. When Harden defended, Durant and Curry shot 7 of 10 shots. In the fourth game, the Rockets needed to find a strategy to deal with and liberate Harden at both ends.

Curry has been searching for the touch in the first two games of the series. He scored only 3 of 13 shots in two games and only scored 34 points in two games. However, in the third game, Curry opened the old MVP model. He stormed off in the third quarter, scoring 7 points in 7 shots and 18 points in a single quarter. He scored 35 points in the game and helped the team take away the game in one fell swoop. Next, the rocket is bound to Will make adjustments, can Curry continue this performance?

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