The 3rd and 5th sports news on June 6th, the NBA finals continued the fierce battle, tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock the video live Knight returned to Cleveland against the Warriors. Now that the Cavaliers are 0-2 behind, can James lead the team to regain home strength in the Eastern Conference finals? Can the Cavaliers help James recover from home? Can the Warriors continue to win the match point in the fiery state? What kind of spark can collide between Curry and James?




 It is expected that both sides will start the lineup

Cavaliers: Hill, Smith, LeBron, Loew, Thompson

Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green, McGee

  NBA Finals live game preview: Cavaliers reproduce the East decision comeback?

The Cavaliers lost two games in a row and returned to the home court. They have no way out. They must rebound at home or they will face an impasse. The Cavaliers are no stranger to 0-2. They lost 0-2 to the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals. But after returning home, they rebounded strongly under James’s leadership. What they have to do is repeat the Eastern Conference. That scene. As the team leader, James certainly will not give up easily, he will show more dominance at home, will give the team as much help on offense. The Warriors will create trouble for James’s offense and will continue to consume him. James will strive to maintain high efficiency.

It is not enough to rely on James alone. The Cavaliers can make a comeback in the Eastern Conference finals. Other players have provided James with great support at home. Love, Hill, Smith, Green, and others all have a role to play offensively. They have to help James. On the defensive side, Hill, Smith and others also have to work harder. They have to put pressure on opponents. Thompson has to work hard at the inside to play a more active role in rebounding and to be more aggressive.

  Warriors strive for match points

The Warriors broke out in the fourth quarter of the second game, relying on Curry’s unreasonable three-pointer to get a big win. They expanded the total score of the Finals to 2-0. In the next game, the Warriors’ goal is to win the game. They will play against the finals’ match point. With the experience of the finals being turned over two years ago, the Warriors will not have any relaxation. They will try to get the match point in the third game. In the history of NBA, no team has been able to come back after 0-3. The Warriors and Cavaliers know very well how important the third game is.

The Cavaliers not only reversed 0-2 in the Eastern Conference finals, but they also defeated the Warriors in the final round of 1-3 in the 2016 Finals. For the Warriors, this is a lesson they will never forget. They will not relax when they face the Cavaliers once again in the Finals. Thompson’s injury was well restored. He and McCaw have been removed from the injury list, which means that the impact of injuries has not been significant.

The Warriors will encounter more difficulties when they are on the court. They will need more leaders to play a role. Curry, Durant and Thompson had good offensive performance in the first two games of the finals. They want to continue the good situation to the away. Curry’s second game set a three-point record in the finals in a single field, he will face greater defensive pressure, he will try to maintain a three-pointed touch, he and Thompson to bring fire support on the outside. Durant needs to be more aggressive on the road. He has to show his dominance on the court like James, and he has to contribute to the team both offensively and defensively.

Green played an important role in the Warriors’ offensive and defensive system. He had to work hard on the defensive end to increase the strength of the team and put pressure on the Cavaliers. Especially in the away game, the Warriors needed a good defense. If offensive end Green can also find the front sight, the Warriors’ offense will be even more terrible. McGee is expected to continue as a starter. He will have to give Greene support on the court and will work harder on defense. Iguodala was listed as a possible injured player. His injury was well restored. If Iguodala can come off the bench, it will make the team’s defense even more powerful. In the bench, the Warriors also need to bring in Livingston, Yang, West, Bell, etc., Livingston, Bell to work hard, Yang to fight to find the feel, brought in beyond the three-point line Fire support.

  James VS Curry

There is no doubt that James has done everything he can. In the opening game, LeBron scored 51 points and created a career scoring record for the playoffs. In the two games before the finals, Zhan Huang had a total of 80 points and 21 assists. He became the second player in history after Michael Jordan in 1992 and scored at least 70 points and 20 assists in the first two games of the finals. Players. But it turns out that James alone can’t beat the Warriors and the Cavaliers other players need to come forward.

Curry finally recovered in the second game of the finals. He scored nine three-pointers in the finals. The single-field three-pointer in the Finals surpassed Ray Allen to reach the top of history. At the same time, his three-pointer in the career finals reached 90, surpassing James (85), ranking first in history. This is also Curry’s 9th time in the finals to vote at least 5 record three points, also ranked first in history. In the next game, can Curry continue to feel?


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