On May 28th, the Western Conference finals will be launched soon. At 9 o’clock in the morning, the video live rocket will host the Warriors at home. Now Paul and Iguodala have not been able to determine the game, and for the Rockets, Paul’s absence has a greater impact on the team, in the end the game two players can return to the fire it? Did Thompson’s 16-year miracle come to an outburst and could Curry erupt as well? Can Harden play a masterpiece? Can Durant do it?


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Iguodala is no longer absent? The Warriors’ Big Four again

Just relying on Harden is not enough, the Rockets still need other players to contribute, like Gordon, Ariza, Tucker, Capella and others have to play better at home. Capella is trying to fight back in the paint to help protect the three-second zone. Tucker and Ariza not only have to put pressure on opponents on the defensive end, but they also have to work hard on the offense. In addition, Green and Bamotte are the most likely substitutes for the debut. They must work hard to play their part. Veteran Johnson did not get any chance in this series. He did not know whether or not Dantoni would give the veteran some opportunities when the battle of life and death was ushered in.

The Warriors experienced a big comeback in Game 6, and this victory gave them more confidence. Iguodala has been absent for three consecutive games. He still has questions about whether he can return in Game 7. Luni is sore in the left big toe and may also be absent from life and death. In spite of this, the Warriors also have four giants in the array, which is the cornerstone of their struggle for victory. The Cavaliers have locked the finals, and the Warriors naturally hope to continue the defending trip and meet the Cavaliers once again in the Finals.

Thompson played well in Game 6, scored nine three pointers and scored 35 points. His opening with Curry was an important reason for the team’s comeback. In the 7th game of guest appearance, Thompson and Curry want to maintain their feelings. They have to give the team support from the outside.

Durant must also perform better in the life-and-death battle. He must play more aggressively and create enough trouble for the Rockets’ defense. Green will have to play better on defense and play a more important role. He also stressed that the previous defeat will give the team lessons.

When Iguodala’s return is uncertain, the Warriors need to get more help from the bench. Livingston, West, Yang, and even McCaw must all strive to bring support to the Big Four.

  Can Paul return home at the Rockets?

Although there was no Paul, the Rockets had a good start in the sixth game of the Western Conference finals. They had a maximum of 17 points. Unfortunately, they did not resist the counterattack led by the Splash Brothers and lost the game in the away game. The Western Conference finals ushered in the seventh game of life and death. war. It would be a pity for the Rockets to miss a match point, but they have a home advantage in Game 7, which is the best news. What they are waiting for now is Paul’s injury recovery.

Since Paul was injured, the team doctor has been trying hard to treat him. Now he can only look at Paul’s recovery. Paul’s importance to the Rockets is self-evident. If he is present, the team will have one more core, and Harden’s pressure will be reduced a lot. With Paul’s ability, as long as he can play, he will give the Rockets tremendous help on the offensive end.

Regardless of whether or not Paul can play, Harden needs to deliver an eye-catching performance. As the leader of the team, he must play more aggressively and perform better on the offensive end, so that the Rockets can have better chances of winning. In addition, Harden will encounter his opponent’s defenses, he needs to control their own mistakes, the Rockets team is the same, they can not let mistakes kill them.

  Harden VS Curry

After Thompson broke out, the Rockets must now guard against the outbreak of Curry; in the 2016 Western Conference finals, Thompson broke out in Game 6 and scored 7 points in the seventh battle to score 36 points. The Rockets could not allow this to happen again. In addition, as Barkley said, the Rockets now need Harden to play a masterpiece.


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