Real Madrid genius ends up Zidane reuses a few months ago he couldn’t play

WELLSPORTS  NEWS:Spanish media “Marca” said that the competition between Venisius and Rodrigo has now prevailed. Venusius is back on track at Real Madrid. In the game against Zaragoza and Atletico, Venusius played well, and his pick was also higher than players such as Rodrigo, which attracted Zidane’s attention. Just a few months ago, Venisius was… Read more »

Football decryption: Real Madrid once wanted to spend 214 million euros to buy Mbabe, but he chose Paris

WELLSPORTS  NEWS: The documents that Der Spiegel and Mediapart got from the “Football Declassification” project revealed some of the inside story behind Mbape’s move to Paris. Let’s take a look at the stories behind this transfer that shocked football in the summer of 2017 . 1. Paris matches the quote of Real Madrid 180 million euros In the summer of 2017, Mbape proposed… Read more »

Not enough people, Bayern 66-year-old assistant to join the training

WELLSPORTS News: Many of the Bayern Munich club players have followed their respective national teams to participate in the national team competition. This week, the Bayern Munich club has only a small number of players left in the training ground. According to the German media “Pictorial” report, Bayern Munich’s 66-year-old assistant coach Herman also joined the team’s training…. Read more »

Perotti may leave Rome in winter

WELLSPORTS News: Beijing time on September 6, according to the Italian “Late Post” news, Roman winger Perotti may be transferred to leave the team in January next year, his next stop may be La Liga or return to Argentina. Last season, Argentine winger Perotti was considered one of the important players in the Romans. He represented the… Read more »

FIFA’s best candidate of the year: Ronaldo, Modric, Salah selected, Messi missed

WELLSPORTS News: On the evening of September 3, Beijing time, FIFA officially announced the three best players of the year, C Ronaldo led, Modric and Salah were shortlisted. Messi unexpectedly lost, which is his first time after 2007, missed the best three candidates. In addition, the previously high-profile World Cup and Europa League champion Gleizman also failed to be… Read more »

Recognized, Sommer was elected as Swiss Footballer

WELLSPORTS News: The Swiss Football Association announced the various football awards this year, and the goalkeeper Sommer, who played for Menxing,   was elected as the Swiss footballer of the year. The best newcomer to the annual football in Switzerland is also from Menxing, a midfielder young teenager Zakaria. Swiss national team coach Petkovic won the award of the… Read more »

Langley: I want to win more playing time.

WELLSPORTS News: Beijing time ended a third round of La Liga this morning, Barcelona 8-2 victory over Huesca. The Frenchman Langley, who joined Barcelona this summer, staged his debut. After the game,   Langley accepted the media interview. Regarding his chances in the team, Langley said: “I think all players want a lot of playing time, I… Read more »

Beyond Carlos Bianchi, Messi became the most Argentine in the top league

WELLSPORTS News:In the third round of La Liga’s Barcelona 8-2 victory over Huesca, with Messi’s score twice,   the Argentine created another record. Messi scored 387 goals in the top league, surpassing compatriot Carlos Bianchi, becoming the Argentine who scored the most in the top league.   Carlos Bianchi, 69, is an outstanding football player and coach… Read more »

Why is Manchester United against Juventus?

WELLSPORTS News: The draw for the Champions League in the new season has ended, and Juventus, Manchester United,   Valencia and Berne have been placed in Group H. After the draw, the French defender Evra, who played for Manchester United and Juventus, also shared some complicated feelings on Twitter. Evra po out of the cartoon shape wearing… Read more »

Ramos wins, Lovren is a little unhappy

WELLSPORTS News: UEFA announced the best player in the Champions League last season, Real Madrid captain Ramos beat teammates Marcelo and Wallane to win the best defensive player award. After the results were announced, the official tweet of the Champions League also released the news. Some netizens found Liverpool defender Lovren’s comments in the comment section of… Read more »

Charlton rents West Ham United midfielder

WELLSPORTS News:  After agreeing to join, Cullen will play for Charlton for a season, he is the fifth new support the team introduced this summer.   This year, only 22-year-old Cullen joined the West Ham United Youth Training in 2010. He staged a first-team debut in the 3-0 home victory over Lustunos’ Europa League qualifier on July… Read more »

The Champions League 32 strong division is determined: Liverpool third gear, Inter Milan fourth gear

WELLSPORTS News: This morning, the UEFA Champions League play-off ended the last three matchups. Benfica,   Eindhoven and Belgrade Red Star became the last three teams to enter the Champions League 32. At this point, all the top 32 teams have been produced, and the division of each team has also been released. First gear: Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid,… Read more »

Southampton 5 will be recruited by the national team, the new aid PK Belgium Saint Derby will be staged again

WELLSPORTS News:  At present, five Saints players have been recruited by their respective countries to participate in the next International Competition Day competition.   New summer aids El Yunusi and Armstrong will join the ranks of the Saints, while Steven Davis, Shawn Lang and Bednarek will also represent their respective national teams. El Yunusi (Norway): El… Read more »

30 million, Da Luo wants to acquire Valladolid

WELLSPORTS News: According to Sel Radio’s El Larguero show, La Liga’s newly promoted Barbadolide will complete the conversion of club ownership in the near future,and the next boss is likely to be former Brazilian star Ronaldo (Daluo).   The news was first disclosed by Marca Radio on August 23, and the news that Brazilian Ronaldo will become… Read more »

Real Madrid sells and rebels will swear one person, Mu Shuai will secretly buy 30 million Mr

WELLSPORTS News:Madrid Sports believes that Cohen Trang will become Real Madrid’s next signing sooner or later. What is undetermined is his price and the way Real Madrid raises funds. From the current situation, Las Diarra The transfer price will be the key to Real Madrid’s introduction of Coentrao. Although Mourinho has always said that Ras will… Read more »

After the first round against Getafe, Nacho became the longest player in the team’s Real Madrid career.

WELLSPORTS News: In the first round of the first season of Real Madrid, Real Madrid defeated Getafe 2-0. Guard Nacho started the game. This season is Nacho’s 18th season at Real Madrid (including the youth team). He also became the current Real Madrid team in the club. The player with the longest time. Nacho entered the Real… Read more »

Werner: Most people will be happy if Ozil wants to return to the national team.

WELLSPORTS News: Leipzig striker Werner said that if Özil wants to return to the German national team, everyone will welcome him. The defending champion Germany was eliminated in the Russian World Cup group match, and both Werner and Ozil entered the competition. After the World Cup, Ozil issued a long article explaining his own journey and then announced… Read more »

Rejected, Bremen talks about the collapse of the Japanese U18 international

WELLSPORTS News: This summer, the Werder Bremen club of the Bundesliga signed a Japanese national team from Cologne. Recently, team sports director Frank Bowman revealed in an interview that the club had intended to sign another Japanese player to make him and his teammates, but he did not succeed. This player is the Japanese U18 international Sasaki tree,… Read more »

People criticize me because I am at the top; goalkeeper pressure is smaller than the penalty player

WELLSPORTS News: In the just-concluded World Cup England goalkeeper Piqueford performed well. In an interview, he said that people would criticize him because he is at the top level, which is what he hopes to achieve. In England against England for the first time to win the World Cup penalty shootout, in the final round of… Read more »

Premier League newly promoted horses interested in buying Wu Lei? But to play the Premier League, you must first pass the labor certification.

WELLSPORTS News: Looking at the scorer list of the Super League, Wu Lei is sandwiched between a bunch of foreign aids, and people will always feel that it is not easy for Wu Lei to play football abroad. Former foot Wu Lei has just tied the record of the history of the Super League. The British media… Read more »

Re-employment, Seedorf is going to coach Cameroon

WELLSPORTS News: the Cameroon Football Association is preparing to hire the national team in the Netherlands. Ugo Bruce led the Cameroon national team to win the African Cup in 2017, but the Cameroon Football Association dismissed the meritorious coach because of the failure to lead the team into the World Cup finals. The Cameroon Football Association is… Read more »

Echo: Plisch will stay in Dortmund this summer

WELLSPORTS News: Dortmund winger Plysic is the most watched star in Europe, and many giants including Real Madrid are in contact with him, and Liverpool is no exception. According to the Liverpool Echo, Plišic is unlikely to be sold this summer, and Dortmund is preparing to sell the players next summer. The 19-year-old Plišic’s contract with Dortmund has… Read more »

Lope Teji: Beautiful football dreamer, the leader of Real Madrid’s new era

WELLSPORTS News: The World Cup has ended. The “Rashomon” incident, which was jointly performed by Real Madrid,   the Spanish national team and Hulun Lopegetji before the World Cup, has been replaced by more time-sensitive hotspots. The past one-month period is enough to calm down and calm down. As the international players return to the team and the… Read more »

FIFA’s selection of 5 outstanding players in the World Cup: Mina’s header in the penalty area became a bright spot

WELLSPORTS News: the 2018 Russia World Cup came to an end, and finally France beat Croatia 4-2, after another 20 years to win again. In addition to the French team, the rest of the team also presented a wonderful game, including many outstanding players. After the World Cup, the FIFA official website also selected five players who… Read more »